Lyla Lee originally from Ontario Canada, resided full time in Florida for 7 years & now has come home to Canada as the 1st Healer to offer Sacred Light Infusion Healings.

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 Lyla Lee is an internationally known Spiritual Clairvoyant-Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Advisor & Sacred Light Infusion Healer, and referred to by many as the “angel lady” due to her divine connection with the angels.

 Lyla Lee’s first angel encounter happened around the summer of 1992 when she received her very first book on angels as a birthday gift from a friend.  While on a week’s vacation at a favourite lakefront cabin in northern Ontario Lyla Lee decided it was time to start reading the book in the peace and quiet of the quaint little cabin’s surroundings.  Becoming completely absorbed in the information the book was telling her, Lyla Lee decided to meditate as per the books instructions, to connect her with her very own angel.

 What happened next was the beginning of many years devoted to the study of angels and Lyla Lee found that she was able to see people’s angels around them as she conducted readings and healing sessions for her clients and students.  Lyla Lee went on to teach many Angel Workshops, Intuitive Development Classes, Spiritual Children Workshops, lectures and private consultations connecting people with there very own angels, as well as spirit guides and loved ones from the other side. 

 Students Learning Reiki

 Lyla Lee does "Intuitive Gatherings" for group readings or messages and will travel to their home or place of business

 Lyla Lee also channeled a CD to get you in touch with your angels while she was teaching a spiritual development class one night.  There are more meditation CDs, books and workshops to come as Lyla Lee continues to follow her spiritual path.

As far as Lyla Lee’s healing work goes she is a Sacred Light Infusion Healer, Usui-Seichim Reiki Master, and a Divinely Guided teacher and songwriter with Guest  appearances on TV & Blog Talk Radio talking about her gifts (readings and more)

Spiritual Clairvoyant  Medium & Healer on International Angel Festivals & Angel Cruises

 Lyla Lee has been following her spiritual/healing path since a teen, working professionally in this field since 1992.

For Personal or Remote Readings / Healings


Phone consultations and Sacred Light Infusion Healings are available in person, by phone or remote healings for those of you that do not live near me in Ontario Canada!
$60.00 for 30 min / $90.00 one hour session, whether in person or by phone!

(Payment must be received before scheduled phone or remote session)

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