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 Savannah James has lived in Canada all her life. Tragically, she lost her father at the age of 4, shortly thereafter he connected with her from the other side which started her spiritual journey.

Savannah learned to tune in to the spirit world, receiving messages, signs and knowledge. This quickly put her on her life's path intuitively as a medium and a healer.

 Through the guidance of her angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones, Savannah has made it her life's work to serve others in this way. 

As a child Savannah had a "spiritual playmate" named "Isabel" who was her inspiration to write the children's book, "Isabel's Path", the first of a series of spiritual children's books.

Savannah is a medical intuitive as well as a spiritual advisor, author and songwriter. All the gifts she has received are of course divinely guided and for that she feels extremely grateful and blessed.

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