Sacred Light Infusion Healings
Sacred Light Infusion is a Spiritual-based, non-denominational, healing ministry without religious affiliation. 
All religions and spiritual practices benefit from Sacred Light Healing.

Sacred Light Healing is the touchless infusion of the Sacred Light of God / Source / The Divine  into another person  by a  specially trained facilitator.  Through this process  our trained  facilitators are then able to facilitate healings to those in need.
Lyla Lee is  a  2nd Level  Sacred Light Infusion Facilitator, trained by her teacher Rev. Rich Berry in Milton Florida, and  at present is the only facilitator in all of Canada! 

A quote from Lyla Lee...
"A couple of years ago I experienced my first Sacred Light Infusion healing with Rev. Rich in Pensacola FL it was incredible, in fact from that point on I have described SLI as being "Awe Amazing!!!" 

I have been an energy healer and teacher myself since 1993, but I feel Sacred Light Infusion is by far superior to any healing modality I have ever experienced! I was hooked and I knew I had to learn this divine healing technique from my teacher Rev. Rich! While living in Florida I was able to help many of my clients with Sacred Light Infusion! Now I am thrilled to bring it back to all my clients in Canada and the best part is no matter where you live I can send Sacred Light Infusion to you remotely and of course for you in the area of Niagara Falls, Ontario I can see you in person!

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