Wonderful Feedback Clients Are Giving to Lyla Lee
(Lyla Lee continues to work with clients from Canada & USA  These testimonials are why)
I am writing to express my thanks to Lyla Lee and her beautiful facilitation between worlds. She is a gifted spiritualist who practices a unique style of reiki and channeling sessions to divine messages and activate dormant healing abilities in others. 
I had spent some time in a session with her a few months ago in which she channeled a kindly female spirit, who spoke with me at length and allowed me to frame a few questions, which she accurately answered. I also spent time on Lyla Lee's amethyst bed, while she did some past life regression to help me release some blocks from past life trauma.
Since we first met, she has helped me, on an unseen, energetic level to achieve some of my personal goals, namely giving up cigarettes and letting go of a toxic relationship.  It's a pleasure to know her as a client and fellow light worker. 
Thanks R - Destin Florida

As a client of Lyla Lee's for over 25 years I have had many profound moments in her presence while having a healing session. My grandmother came through, my mother during another and my angels were ever present as well. I felt both peaceful and strong the moment her healing hands began to work on me. Her Angel Whispers meditation has continued to help me now that she is far away.  C - Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

I have known Ms. Lyla Lee for a couple years now.  I met her during a group session and quickly began to have some incredible experiences.  It wasn't long before we began to connect on deeper levels and I understood there was something special going on.  Due to Lyla Lee's intense studies, years of experience, and personal intuition, I knew I could trust her.   My son and I ended up taking a private Reiki class from Lyla Lee.  We both learned so much and the bonus was how much my personal relationship with my adult son grew.  From there, I had some private sessions with Lyla Lee with great outcomes.  Not only did I have extraordinary experiences, I came out of each session feeling more refreshed and comfortable within myself.  If you are looking to expand your spiritual horizons and/or simply looking for some life answers, Lyla Lee can easily lead you safely into the realm where you can discover where the answers have always been - right there within you. T - Destin Florida

We have the privilege of knowing Lyla Lee for over a decade and cannot say enough to affirm her gifts!  We became Reiki I and Reiki II practitioners through her tutelage.  Her Reiki course was very in depth and was undertaken in three days.  It was intensive and definitely eye-opening for us.  Lyla Lee guided us in embracing our natural strengths and talents for energy work.  As a side note, who would think that working with energy could generate a hearty appetite!  
Lyla Lee is also gifted with natural and developed intuition.  She has the ability to receive and deliver messages from loved ones, guides and angels.  Her gentle nature is very complementary to this type of energy work. She is reassuring in her demeanor, always accentuating the positive in these instances.  One of her favorite affirmations that we have embraced is “All is well in my world”.  
We were introduced to The Secret and the principles of the Law of Attraction through Lyla Lee.  This has definitely affected our perspectives in positive ways.  It is empowering to realize that we always have a choice in any circumstance as to how we react, and it is infinitely a better choice to gear one’s thinking to the positive!
What a blessing it was for us to meet Lyla Lee and fall in love with her!  As a friend that we consider to be family, as a mentor, a confidante and teacher (and we are all teachers to someone) our lives are fuller and richer for knowing her.  Allow Lyla Lee to assist you to become a more authentic version of who you really are! JC & S 
Greensboro North Carolina

Lyla Lee has been a trusted resource for my husband and I for nearly 2 years. She always has astounding insights and is able to call on both her wisdom and the wisdom of the other side in order to provide counsel. She has helped us through difficult times with her abilities. We will continue to consult with her as her guidance always proves helpful. I highly recommend her services.
S - Lakeland Florida

Met Lyla Lee at an event, had a great reading. She gave me messages about things that she had no way of knowing about, unless it came from a higher source. She has a gift and I'm glad she is sharing it with the world. 
L - Altha Florida 

My reading was great. My nephew and Mom came through and my Grandma. Look forward to more readings from you in the future. W - Owen Sound Ontario Canada

Thank you for the profound healing, my blindness is very much improved in both eyes, I feel so much better! 
G - Fort Walton Beach FL

I have received several readings from Lyla Lee and they are extremely accurate. She helped me connect with my spirit Guide and she sends healing energy to me on a regular basis. I was diagnosed with cancer and she helped me through it by calling on many angels to be with me during my surgery. She continued sending me healing energy and the result was that I did not need any chemo treatments after surgery! She has made a huge difference in my life since meeting her. I would highly recommend her to anyone I meet. Her readings are a life changing experience! 
D - Altha Florida

The reading was a very loving and sharing experience. Thank you. L - Owen Sound Ontario Canada

With sincere gratitude Lyla Lee for the connection with love and inner feelingsB - Southampton Ontario Canada

I have seen Lyla Lee for a readings and Reiki sessions.  Because of her Reiki sessions I have relief from my constant pain. This also inspired me to get my Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification with Lyla Lee. She has done readings for me and I find her readings informative and enlightening. I talk about her to my friends and have recommended they see her for readings and Reiki. J - Navarre FL

Lyla Lee has been helping me since I first met her in 2006, and is still helping me today. She is a very competent psychic medium who has helped me with many health issues. She has given readings with precise explanations and profound reiki treatments. She has examined the past and present events in my life and explained how my future will unfold. Her classes and teaching style are both unique and out standing using her healing hands and working with crystals she is highly respected by me and is a true friend who is gifted and talented in many ways. please get to know Lyla Lee for all your concerns of unanswered questions. J - Georgian Bluffs Ontario Canada.

I could feel Lyla Lee's good heart and soul as I walked through the door. I went away with a real sense of peace. She really helped me connect with my Angels! D - Owen Sound Ontario Canada

It was a pleasure meeting you! You touched my deepest thoughts. Many thanks. D - Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

Right on the money, everything made sense and helped me understand what it's all about - fun! Thanks! M - Owen Sound Ontario Canada

What an incredible experience! You give so much love! I will take all that I have learned in such a short time and keep working. Thank you, with blessings! C - Richmond Hill Ontario Canada

I want to thank you for the profound connection to the Master. This is a great day! E - Rockwood Ontario Canada

Great, everything made sense and was very familiar. Most fun! C - Hepworth Ontario Canada

Lyla Lee told me things I have wondered for a while. Wonderful hearing from my GrandmotherV - Tara Ontario Canada

Wonderful connection with spirits I had wondered about for a long time. S - Keady Ontario Canada

Everything Lee talked about connected in my mind. I learned a lot. L - Collingwood Ontario Canada

Wow that was amazing, you just gave me the best reading I have ever had. K - Destin Florida